About Me

Hi, I’m Subhani Selvedran

Although my baking addiction started in my teenage years, it wasn’t until the last couple of years that I have found the time to indulge in the wonders and delights of baking.

My passion for photography developed as a way for me to escape the family for few hours. I’ve had a long and varied love affair with wine that started, as so many peoples did, during my university days. The rest is history.

I am a self-taught indulgent baker, photographer and wine drinker! I decided to set up this website to share my love of cooking and photography and to provide information on any good wines that I have stumbles across. These are hobbies which I wanted to share with others. Hope you check out the website and enjoy baking some of the tantalising recipes that I have discovered. Maybe try them with a recommended wine. I am member of Laithwaites wine club from whom the majority of the wine reviews are from.

Do you have specific questions or want to get in touch? Contact me via email.